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We provide you our website links count checker to count that how many links are present on a specific page with no waste of time. It has a number of advantages as it can be used for several purposes. Many website owners have a wish that their links should be unique and it is possible after checking out other outgoing links on a particular page.

Link Checker
Usually, during optimizing the websites usually SEOs make their task to run a site link checker. Mainly external and internal links are known. External links are links which are towards other websites while internal links are links which do a work of linking pages within a website. These internal links may be linked via the interlinks or the main menu of the website. The checking of all these important links is done through this efficient and charismatic checker. 

Backlinks Checker
Our tool is the better backlink checker in all ways and you will obviously believe it after using this. Backlinks are very useful for the SEO of a particular website as they link our website to other and increase the advertisement of our website. This checker enables you notified of all the ups and downs regarding backlinks of your website. 

Website Link Checker
We get a result that information of al links of a website are very critical for the webmasters as they are one of the basic source for the increased traffic or SEO of the website. You will definitely find our website link count checker advantageous than others due to its more specialized and fast functions.

Backlink Analysis
The result is very clear as a result of backlink analysis. Every single detail and analysis will be given to you as a result of putting a desired URL. These analyses are done after getting knowledge of even a minute detail. You are advised to use our tool regarding cases like these.