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Now, Create 'robots.txt' file at your root directory. Copy above text and paste into the text file.

About Robots.txt Generator Tool

In the present age online marketing has become the most powerful business and there are tough competitions for every investor. And we know that where there is difficulty there is a solution for that. One’s website detail which ones wants is put on the robots of specific site and when different crawlers like mobile users and desktop users find it, they open and get to know all the specificities of your website. This has highly become a source for upgrading one’s website. For having these robots txt there must be a tool which can efficiently generate them for you beneficial use. In this regard we offer Robots txt generator tool.


Robot txt use is increasing day by day. People are using it increasingly as it gives better results. One who wants to see his business traffic on the top must use this technique. He will not be disappointed. Gradually, these txt will make your website a well ranked website on different search engines such as Google, yahoo etc. Our robots txt has made complicated tasks easy as they have done in it in just few clicks. There will be very satisfying and mind relaxing results after having a tool which can generate robot txt.


It is your choice that which crawlers can see your robots txt or whom you disallow. Otherwise when they are generated it is by default that everyone can see and every time they can see. You can change the setting of your robot txt and we call it robots txt disallow.


Our tool comes with lot of ease for our customers who are really disturbed by seeing the low ranking of their website. Such customers should at once consult us and by having our best robot txt generator, they will never be disappointed. We make the best robot txt files which can let your marketing simply touch the sky. You do not know that how much success is waiting for you. By having robot txt file webmasters are definitely bound to succeed. 


This is also an important tool to increase the SEO of your website. More people will see the robot txt and they increase the chance of the more and more SEO of a website. SEO change can lead to betterment of one’s site hence this tool generates not robot txt but also generates the chance of your success.


As it is told above that it is in your hand that you can disallow the robots if you are scaring to show your informative robot txt to someone. For this reason there is opportunity for our customers and they can use this robots disallow service.


After getting to know all the benefits everyone become ready to make a robot and the question arise is how to make a robot txt  All they need to do is visiting our website and create a robot txt file. It must have commands like allow all, disallow robot etc. for convenience they can first try an example to make it.