Terms and Condition and Privacy Policy

06/09/2017 12:00 AM

All the terms and conditions set by the SEOtoolsengine is just for the ease and privacy of the customer. When you use our website, we share our experience and the information with you on our website so that it is your responsibility as well to take care of this information and prevent yourself from any misuse. Once you visit our website it means you are agreed to our terms and conditions described on our website.


If you want to get aware of our more products please subscribe to our newsletters. Subscribing our emails or other newsletters once for information of your desirable products will let you inform time to time about new services or products provided by us as your email will continue to be used by our SEO tools engine. By having your information our affiliates will be able to contact you through different means such as surveys to make you up to date about current changes. A thing of worthy note here is that if you have not apply any privacy to your personal information and have directly disclose your sensitive data on our blog then other users can collect such data have easily access to it and they become free to use this for their personal work on other websites. It’s our guarantee that our customer’s personal data will not be given or leased to third parties and outsiders.


If someone is in interest to do some external business with you or to work with you by means of our website then we will first contact you if you too are interested otherwise further steps will not be taken and your personal data like email, name address, telephone number etc. will not be exposed to third party. Your information will be exposed to outsiders without your notice in emergency only if this is written in contract, is legal and is not against law. Such people are our trusted customers and doing business with them is legal. Other fake people will be prohibited to do so and they need to confidentially maintain your information if they claim to have your personal information on their behalf. All of the data on our website’s SEO tools engine will be accessed publicly by different sources like Google pages which are cached. For this reason every single data on our website is named as ‘public’ and is thus stored in our database.

Web Browser Cookies

Those customers who use our services and products are allowed to do it voluntarily. We place temporary cookies only with your information which remember your browser to access the internet and cookies do not provide your personal data. But if you do not agree these cookies are not set to your hard drive. Terms of service and other settings are changed timely in order to get comparative feedback of company and visitors. If such change happens there will be last updated date below for your convenience. Using our SEO tool means that you are fully agree to our terms and conditions and other privacy settings.