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The age of a domain is a very important factor when we talk about the rank of website. Therefore, we are introducing our free Domain age finder tool to our audience for their better experience. The older your domain is, the more you will be able to stabilize your website because the older websites have more experience to boost their credibility. Our tool will tell you the last update and creation time of your website. The age of your domain really matters in the eyes of search engine. You just need to enter the URL of your domain and then our free tool will give you all the related details. In early times, checking the age of your domain was not so easy, people are very curious about their websites.


They thought of buying a new domain or researching about their competitors, SEOtoolsengine has made all that easy for its clients. We can say that the age of a domain is the indicator of the quality of website. You cannot rely on the information provided by the way back machine, therefore, we facilitate you with our domain age finder tool. It will tell you the details of last update and even the expiry date of the domain as easy as you like. As website users, you must have awareness of that the old age of the domain is pointing towards the poor maintenance of the website. The old domain contains dead links and during transformation some paths have also been trashed. The search engine views the age of domain as a factor for its authority. If you compare the old domain with the younger one, then Google rate it as more trustworthy domain. The existence of domain must be at least two to three months which indicates maturity of the domain.


The young domain shows that it has not much content in itself, due to which, it fails to achieve top rankings. For the Search engine optimization of the website, the age of domain is must know fact. For the matureness of domain, it is must important to facilitate it with quality content, social media traffic and link its visitors. It should be in check that either the domain is actively cultivated or eternal site. After that check, you need to know about the last update of the domain. The unique content prove helpful for better search engine optimization so that the website will get top rank in quick intervals. This information is very important for the website users who have no content or unaware of the age of their domain. All the website users must experience our free tool of domain age for better introduction of their website in the online market.

The approximate age of your domain will be shown on your screen with the help of domain age finder tool and you will be able to view the first appearance of your website as well. The older domains have little edge in the rankings of search engine. You can also view the age of your competitor’s domain as well.