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About Dmoz Listing Finder

SEOToolsEgnine introducing Dmoz tool for the user which can check the Dmoz listing of any website. Keeping in view the previous performance of this tool, our professionals has now add some new features in that tool through which you can check the availability of the website in the Dmoz directory. Dmoz listing finder tool has extraordinary features in it, you can also perform bulk check with this amazing tool and it takes no extra time in fetching results. You can check up the availability of 100 URL’s at single time with the help of our faster Dmoz tool. For the purpose of checking that either the domain is available in the Dmoz directory or nor, you just need to paste the URL of your domain in the given box and then you will get all your results. But for the sake of bulk check, you need to paste all the URL’s in separate line. The available domains will be shown as ‘listed’ and the domains which are not available in the Dmoz directory will be shown as ‘Not Listed’ in a separate column and all the details are shown in the form of a table.


Many investors make money by using this tool by checking the availability of the domains and then quickly grab those domains and get huge credit from Google. So you cannot only check the availability of domain in the Dmoz directory but can earn huge credit as well by grabbing the listed domains in the directory. Actually, Dmoz is the largest directory built by humans and owned by AOL.  Some volunteers or editors had constructed the Dmoz but it’s owned by AOL. Open Directory Project (ODP) had maintained it. The sites which are listed in Dmoz directory have given preference from Google and also these websites has higher ranks in the webpages. You need to improve the quality and maintain your website carefully to get it listed in the Dmoz directory if it’s not. You can get approval only in the case if your website is full maintained and better in quality as well.


We recommend you to use the Dmoz listing finder tool of SEOtoolsengine as it requires no signup or any kind of registration, you can simply paste your URL and get the results. After pasting the URL of your domain of which availability you are checking, let the tool work for you to give you instant and authentic results. The bulk Dmoz directory tells you that your website is available in the Dmoz directory or not and it’s also called Open Directory Project. You can paste too many domains at a single time if you are just checking the availability of your domain in the Dmoz directory but for the bulk Dmoz process you need to paste all URL’s in separate lines. In case of unavailability in Bulk Dmoz directory the outcome returns no otherwise yes. Our  Dmoz listing finder tool is also useful when you want to reorder the domains or check the expiring domains.